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Knightsbridge Kitchens 
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Knightsbridge Kitchens
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1. Introduction

45nSingle is a singles social group. It is aimed simply at providing a meeting place where singles can have fun and meet other singles without the pressure of dating.

45nSingle is wholly owned by Knightsbridge Kitchens who supports it.

2. Organisation

We have found no need for a committee.

We encourage all members to help out with meeting and greeting prospective new members (Team Smiley).


The monthly subscription from January 2012 will be £2.50 payable into the nominated 45nSingle bank account by standing order via paypal.

Members who live abroad or spend most of their time out of area may choose to pay their subscriptions only when living in the area.

4. Events Programme

The events are published on the forum and on the calendar. Members are encouraged to suggest, create and organise events for themselves bearing in mind events already organised.

Only "paid up" members and guests may attend events.

5. Members

Prospective members (guests) will be given a period of one month (subscription free) to decide whether they wish to become members. After this initial period, either they must become full members by paying subscriptions, or leave the group. 45nSingle reserves the right to refuse or withdraw membership.

Previous members who now live out of area may be allowed to attend events as guests but will be expected to pay the subscription for that month.

To join 45nSingle you must be genuinely single and thoroughly nice. There is no age restriction.

Membership may be withdrawn from any member whose behaviour towards other members is considered to be unacceptable or contrary to the spirit of the group. 45nSingle is wholly inclusive, it does not allow racism, sexism or any other form of discrimination. 45nSingle is intolerant of intolerance. Any decision on withdrawing membership will be decided by the owners.

Any person whose membership has been withdrawn will not be allowed to attend any 45nSingle function as a non-member.

6. Confidentiality

All information provided by you is stored on a computer database. The information is only used for organisational purposes on a need to know basis. Only the information you make public is public. Email addresses and passwords are held securely and are not accessible by the owners of the site.

You may choose to make some of your personal information public however you are encouraged not to divulge personal information such as your address and telephone number on the forum.

7. Members Status

You may only join 45nSingle if you are genuinely single. If you become attached whilst a member of 45nSingle you and your partner are welcome to stay part of the group as long as your status is "common knowledge" within the group.